Fred J.

Lowering College Tuition

Lowering college tuition can open doors for many people to become successful.

Dear Next President,

There’s a major issue on hand with the accelerating college tuition. According to Jon Marcus as he elaborates,college tuition increases 4.2% every year. This meaning 75% of college students stress about college tuition. It's sad to see numerous of people who dropout of college because they can’t pay student loans. I feel that if we decrease on college tuition we can highlight the idea that more people will go or have a chance of going to college.

According to Jon Marcus, “over 25% of students who enroll in college don’t return for the second year”. “About 44% of students dropout according to a February 2011 study’. When I look at the statistics of people who don’t go to college because of college tuition, it drastically changed my mindset from just getting accepted to actually getting a full scholarship as well. Actually my english language teacher Mr. J still owns about 80,000 dollars in student loans which I find stigmatized. I feel President Obama has partially given a greater chance for people to go to college, according to Tribune Chicago Bureau by making the first two years of community college free. As a freshman at Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School I think I shouldn’t have to worry about being to pay for college. I know I am not going to have to really worry about tuition because I know the teachers and staff at Cristo Rey will put me on the right path to get a full scholarship.

Why should people think they need a full scholarship in order to get by paying high college tuition. People should feel that the college has their interests in mind rather than focusing on making a profit. I strongly believe we need stop and think about the less fortunate, who can’t go through college and achieve their lifelong dreams of becoming great in the field they decide to pursue a degree in. I believe if we work out a deal to lower college tuition, we can foster more people to want to go to college and have the opportunity to succeed. We all know that with great education comes great opportunities. If people can go to college and come out with great jobs it's worth it making college free because it only makes our economy stronger. I know that the next President will stop all the havoc with college tuition by simply cutting down on or making college free, so more people have the same opportunities to succeed.


Fred J of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania