Matt W. Pennsylvania


Controversy!! Whew!!

Dear Mrs./Mr. President, 

If you actually read this I am very humbled to be transferred to you're inbox. Now, you might be thinking, "Ugh!! ANOTHER abortion letter?! C'mon people, there are more topics than just Abortion out there be creative!!", but like all of those people I have some words I would like to input on this very long and seemingly never-ending conversation. I will just make my points and be on my merry way. I am Pro-Choice, *people booing in the background*, I know I know but hear me out!! The majority of Abortions that are conducted are because the baby will not be able to survive out of the mothers womb and for the certain states that have frowned upon Abortions and don't let women get an abortion, that mother has to walk around with a baby that they know they cannot take home. Also they may have miscarried and have a dead baby in their body, which in turn can cause severe consequences and maybe even death for the mother. Now you may say, "But Matt, thats NOT all Abortions", and I would agree with you, but the Federal Government should not, I repeat, SHOULD NOT have control over a woman's body, that woman is not property of any high ranking system of government, she is a human, just like you and me(If you couldn't tell I'm also a feminist) they are entitled to their own decisions. Last thing, most of the Abortions are done because the mother and family simply cannot support a baby and another person. Now I'm not HARDCORE Pro-Choice, I don't support late term Abortions, I think that specifically is murder. But, I think that if the fetus has not developed a brain stem, a heart, and lungs, and other vital organs to sustain life then I don't consider that murder simply because that fetus is not self aware. I hope that you will read this and have a little laugh and listen to what I have a said and actually think about it, not just say you will. Not that I don't think that you'll do that, i didn't mean to assume, because you know what that makes me and you, but mostly me not you. I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy being the president!!

         -Matt Welch

Elizabethtown Area High School

2016 Fall Honors World History

A collection of questions, lessons learned, and pressing thoughts from my 2016 Fall Honors World History students at Elizabethtown Area High School to the next President of the United States on the topic of foreign policy and pressing international issues

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