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Our article is about Anti-semitism.

Dear Next President,

Anti -semitism in our country has been going on for way too long , and it needs to stop. Every single year the amount of hate crime in our country has gone to an all time high. Some people even think that it is okay to behave this way towards Jewish people. We are telling you this needs to be addressed, and it needs to end!

Jewish people have a history of being hated. In ancient history it was Egypt with Pharaoh and then Rome. It was peaceful for a long time until the Holocaust with the Nazis who almost exterminated the Jewish population. And a few weeks ago an incident occurred:  “A vandal left sexually vulgar and Anti-Semitic graffiti on a police substation, and outside an immigration office,” stated by someone who witnessed the crime and wrote the article, Wes Duplantier. We believe that the penalty of trespassing or vandalism should be raised, because people are still doing these awful things it is clearly not severe enough. If someone makes gender, racial, or religious vandalism they should not be able to go on any properties of the race or gender they had offended.

Previously in years we have made a effort to lower rates of hate crimes against Jews. In the statistic “Major Violent Manifestations of Anti-Semitism Worldwide” by Dina Porat and Roni Stauber, it shows that in 1998 there were under 80 hate crimes against the Jews. In 2009 the Americans the hate crime rate against Jews were over 1120. To put that into perspective every one of theses crime ruined someone's life home or worse, there are over 1000 lives ruined. In 2008 the Americans made an effort to bring the anti semitism rate down to where it is 559 hate crimes from the previous 632 in 2007. After the effort the hate crimes skyrocketed to the point it is at in 2009. In the article article “Anti-Semitism will never die. But it doesn't have to hurt us” it talks about “57 percent of all religious hate crimes were targeted toward Jews (we are only 1.9 percent of the population).” This shows for a very long time people are targeting Jews for all this time. The hate crimes have gotten to high and to severe it needs to stop!

For a very long time people have done a horrific job taking care of Anti-Semitic actions against Jews and the next president must to do something about it! Groups of Anti-Semitic people are saying it’s ok to be hateful towards Jews because they think Jews are linked to Isis which is not true in the. In the article Anti-semitism isn’t islamophobia it talks about how people are confusing islamophobia with Jews “At this moment in world history, why are Jews confusing "Islamophobia" with anti-Semitism?” To the Neo Nazis they think that it is totally fine to believe “"the Jew" as their cardinal enemy, and trace social problems to a Jewish conspiracy that supposedly controls governments, financial institutions and the media.” from the article “Neo Nazi” somehow people believe it is fine to act this way by saying the Jewish people are controlling the government draws the line to far. People are tired of Jews getting the spotlight so they want to do something about this. With all this evidence it shows that the Jews are the center of hate crimes.

What people are saying about being Anti-Semitic and that’s ok we disagree with that. I think this is not ok because being Jewish is a religion and part of a heritage a society. Just because Jews are different from other religions in their own beliefs, and holidays does not mean they should be hated because of it. People forget that being Jewish is a privilege and just like any privilege it is hard to have that taken away from you, the Jewish religion is our lives imagine the thing in your life that you care more than anything about is being disrespect, ruined, and taken away from you, your life something that you need taken away how would you feel? The next president needs to take more action into Anti-Semitic crimes and they need to make the punishments bigger and more harshful as an example longer jail time depending what they did. As you read we believe this needs to stop and the next president needs to something about this as soon as possible.

As you can see this is a very big problem in the United States of America and it has to be known that Anti-Semitic behavior will not be tolerated. People might think what they are doing is perfectly fine but in reality it is very wrong. We hope that you might be able to make sure Anti-Semitic crimes don't go unpunished. I believe that the next president will read this essay and take note so they can do something about this. Good luck to the next president in serving our country well.



Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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