Akeem H. Massachusetts

Letter To The Next President

The focus of this letter is police brutality on African American citizen's.

Dear future President,

 As we all know police brutality today is a rising problem in the United States, and it seems as if nothing is being done to prevent it from happening. I honestly believe that police officers take advantage of their power and use it in the wrong way.  Sometimes I just feel like there's no such thing as good cops anymore. I remember as a kid I idolized police officers ,but now I look at them as if they're wild animals out of control .

The discrimination against African Americans is honestly pathetic.  This is not what great activist  like Martin Luther King Jr.  and Malcolm X, just to name a few died for.  Hopefully, you can play a big role in putting an end to this nations problem. I want to be able to feel safe when I step outside of my house again. I believe in order to put an end to this problem, you need to step up and lay down more penalties for corrupt police officers. They deserve to be punished just as any regular person would be if they commit a crime. Be the change we desperately need in our society today !!

           Yours faithfully,

           Akeem Hanson