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MR/MS. President

What are you going to do about immigration?

Dear Future President,

I'm writing this letter in regards of the possibility of you becoming the next US President. Although you bring a lot of good ideas to the table, I am concerned about the way you not only carry yourself but also the way you deliver your message. I appreciate the fact that you are more concerned about the issues that are going on in the US and would rather better our country then getting involved with other countries that are having civil outbreaks. However, I wish you weren't as blunt when you voice your opinion. Being a young African American student, it is frowned upon to say I agree with some of the things you say at your rallies. I have watched some of the debates you were in, read one of your books, and feel as though people are so quick to place judgment and are terrified of change that they are not willing to overlook the negative image social media has given you. 

When I asked my peers what they thought about you, some of the responses were: hateful, rude, racist, etc… a lot of my hispanic associates are afraid of you because they fear you will send them or their loved ones back to their country. Let me state when it comes to immigration I do not agree with people moving into this country undocumented yet at the same time I do not think that all illegal immigrants should be sent back to a place they tried extremely hard to get away from. Some of the people that came here illegally didn't have a choice. It was either come here, join a gang, or be killed…. Plus they didn't have the money to become President. What would you have done if you were in that situation? I understand that we are housing thousands illegally immigrants in our jails and prisons which is costing taxpayers millions so I've formulated a solution. What if, instead of sending all of the undocumented citizens back to their original country we were to just send the ones that have been in jail for long periods of time? I think that it would be fair and just. As for all of the other illegal citizens, we can set up a program that will help them gain U.S. citizenship. This is just one of the ideas that i think will benefit this country drastically. Getting rid of everyone that is undocumented will not help us at all. I know you want to bring jobs back to this country. All I'm asking, if you become the next president, is for you to make this decision definitively. Thank you for your time.

Cynthia S.

Santa Clara High School

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Santa Clara High School 12th grade students writing in periods 3, 4, and 6 of the CSU Expository Reading and Writing Course.

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