Kevaughn Massachusetts

Undocumented Immigrants


Dear Mr or Mrs. President, 

My name is Kevaughn Mitchell. I am a 15 year old Sophmore that goes to C.A.S.H (Community Academy of Science and Health) in Boston, MA. The issue or concern for the country that I am worried about is immigrants that cannot get rights even if their baby was born on U.S soil. For example, if the parents are from Brazil but their baby was born in Boston, the parents wouldn't get any or even some of the rights that their baby has when they are born. In order to have those rights they would still have to go through a long process of naturalization. 

I feel like if you are an immigrant who birthed a child in the U.S. then you should still get naturalized but it would be a shorter process because when your baby was born, you would at least obtain some of the rights your new born has as a citizen. 

Personally I get why they would have to get naturalized and you can not just give rights to unknown immigrants, but at the same time I don't get it. Why not give them temporary rights? Why not have limits to them? For example, when the baby is born on U.S. soil, give the parents some rights with limits until a certain age that the child becomes. Because when the child is old enough, they don't need the parents anymore. Those are my recommendations for the policy. I feel as if this would help.

This should be important for our next president because there would be more cooperation from the people and probably would lead to more alliances with other countries that benefits both sides. For example, it would probably benefit in war, products, and selling or finances between the alliances that are formed with the U.S. and I feel like it starts with the immigrants.