Manuel Z. California

Is Pokemon go healthy for you

I think its healthy for you because you walk around place and you are exercising.

Is Pokemon go healthy for you?

I believe that Pokemon gyms are healthy and poke stops are healthy.It’s healthy for you because you walk places.Pokemon go vibrates if the app is on your phone or iPad will vibrate if a Pokemon is next to you.

Dear Future President,

Some people like to play on there phones and are lazy but Pokemon go helps you,exercise and you can be one your phone catching Pokemon you might not even realize that you were walking.Future president can you ask the people who made Pokemon go to let people fight gyms when they are level three.some cities or towns don’t have poke stops or Pokemon gyms.Some people walk far and hatch 2,5 or 10 kilometer eggs.Pokemon go has updates that some people like because on update lets you have a Pokemon buddy and they can find candy.

My first reason is that I think Pokemon go is healthy for you is,because people explore and can possibly learn new things or can see new things.The people who made Pokemon go put the poke stops where they are because of the history or something cool about that place.Pokemon tells you to pay attention to your surrounding and to not trespass to area’s you're not allowed in.When you reach level five you can choose one team you can choose Mystic,Instinct or valor.Pokemon go is a game where people can explore and do new things.

I think that you should put more poke stops because some place don’t have them.There is a chart that will tell you the weakness and the strength of the Pokemon.If you don’t know what the, weakness and the strength of that Pokemon.

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