David R. California

Future President

My letter is about how the president should stop immigration.

My name is David Romero Zavala, and i live in San Jose, California. I am writing to you because i know America is a great place to live in and with your help, as well as others, can make america. When you are president i hope you choose decisions that are acceptable for all of the people.

Immigration is an important issue in America because there children can't live in peace without them thinking anything can happen and the parents can get deported and the children looking at them for the last time. I believe immigrants can live equally in America because if you think back to when america was born, the people that started it where immigrants from Great Britan. According to History alive, it can be said that America had waves of immigrants in the time of the colonial era(1880's to 1920) . All of the research i have done demonstrates that we can all possibly be immigrants and there is no way that we can stop that fact. Based on research who ever is reading this is an immigrant because their ancestors we crossed illegally so you were not supposed to be here. Immigration draws attention to the fact that we all have immigrant blood inside of us

In conclusion, immigrants should live equally . When you are president, I hope that you will support laws that treat people equally. I also hope that you will make america great.


David Romero Zavala.