Armon B. California

Dear The Next President

This is a letter to the next president about what I think should happen to make America great again and how to better the country

Dear the next president of the United States,

I live in the state california and I’m most concerned about the topic of education and other topics that America should fix.When you or any other president runs for that role, you should or anyone else should always do what they say they should do.Every time someone votes for a president is because they believe in what the person says but is that person every doing to do that thing they promised.Every Time a person is running for president they need to answer questions about things that are important to the nation at the time.

When you or anyone becomes the president and says thing like they would better schools and make college easier to be in.Are you actually telling the truth.When you say.Every Time a president says something but will they ever do it.Some presidents do and some of them don’t.Will the president or you ever make a big change to America and the education in America.

Education problems is a big issue because it can cause a lot of people and talented people that want to do something with their life not to do it because of stupid things.According to a website Arictle it states that Trump want kids or white people to be educated because a lot of them arent.

This is the reason why education is important to me and other people because they want to go to college because every job requires the college education and some people just don't have it for some reason.When you are president, I hope that you will support laws that better America and help people get jobs and educations. I also hope that you will support education and use some of your time to better the Education system of America.

Sincerely Armon Bayford.