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Don't Be A Loser, Stop The Abuser!

As you read this another innocent animal is being abused. Help animal activists unite as one, they won't stop 'til the war is won!

Every 10 seconds an animal is abused... Every minute... 10, every hour... 500, every day... 8000, every week... 60,000, every month... 83,000. Every year 1 million animals are abused or slaughtered! Can't you see? This needs to stop. This needs to change! Animals deserve to be given love, deserve to be cared for...not beaten until they are scarred on the inside and out. Here is proof and facts on animal abuse and the people who need your help Mr. President.
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There are many forms of animal cruelty. Overt, intentional abuse. Neglect, not providing the proper care for the animal. These can be simply remedied through education. If owners had just more knowledge on how to care for a pet, thousands of deaths could be prevented.  Some of the more heartbreaking forms of animal cruelty are: puppy mills, dog fighting, cock fighting, farm animals in inhumane factory farms, canned hunting preserves.. and these are just a few...   

Imagine your whole life chained up, never being able to run through a field or feel the sun's warmth on your skin. Instead, imagine you being violently trained to kill your own kind, or forced to breed your whole life. Spend endless months or years not able to conduct your natural behavior, be in overcrowded facilities with insufficient food, water and sun light. Being kicked while you're already down and looking up to the day when a man will finally slaughter you in the most inhumane manner they could! How would you like it? But wait we have been through that before!  Let's look back to slavery... when we some humans were treated like trash and taught to serve us and do what w want them to. Think about that for a moment...

Instead of sitting back and letting these things happen people are standing up for the animals. They are making changes, they are making differences They have been since the 12th Century. Some groups making a difference are: 
  • ASPCA, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals. 
  • Temple Grandia. She is certified with having done more to improve the welfare for animals at the point of laughter than any human alive. She was nicknamed "The Guardian". 
  • Certified Humane. They gave very strict guidelines on how animals should be raised and used for food. They give healthy eating choices and more. 
  • HSUS, the Humane Society of the United States. 
  • Henry Bergh,  Known as the Great Meddler. He was inspired to make a change and act against inhumanity towards animals after watching a cart-driver beat his fallen horse (1996). 
  • PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
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Domestic violence and animal abuse have been connected but that's a different subject. Mr. President these animals need your help. We need stricter laws about animal abuse. So I ask you... are you going to run a country that soon will have once again a strong base of enslaved animals or will you help fight this non ending war and be able to prosper in an equal society and set an example for the other countries around the world?
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