Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigrants

Dear Next President,

My name is Alexander and I am a 8th grader that goes to a school in northeast Ohio. I would like you to know that there are about 11 million illegal immigrants in this country.There are a lot of many illegal immigrants but not all are drug lords. That means most illegal immigrants are “drug lords”, they just come in this country and sell drugs. We have to get them out of this country and stop them for getting into the country. I want you to build a wall, get the illegal immigrants out, and I also want you to make this country more safe. This problem needs to be fixed because more people are in this country, and then we will over populate. The other reason that this problem needs to be fixed is that they are bringing drugs into this country. The drugs will not help the people in this country. It will make them worse.

The illegal immigrants will keep on coming in this country, and they will over populate really quick. We need to build a wall that separates USA and Mexico. In the year 2014, 52% of all illegal immigrants were from Mexico, and if we let that keep happening, the population will go up. In the year 2007 there were around 12 million illegal immigrants but now it has slowly gone down to 11.4. If we let these illegal people in this country, they will just bring drugs into this country. The the people who use the drugs will just want more drugs and more people will come over the border. There are 318.9 million people in the USA in 2014, 11.4 million people are illegal. We have to get them out of this country and stop them from getting in the country.

The illegal immigrants in this country will harm this country and they will make it worse. These people might be bad people. They could be in ISIS then they come over and let ISIS right in the country. We have to be careful on who we let in this country they can be anyone. There are six states that take up most of the illegal immigrants California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. In those six states 59% illegal immigrants. The illegal immigration needs to stop and we need the people in this country need to get out before the problem gets worse.


Alex Reminder

Mrs. K's Social Studies Class

Social Studies 8-2

An 8th grade social studies class.

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