Brandon H. Georgia


Abortion must be stop, the change starts with you.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on your win for the elections, I would like to bring up a very important issue in our country. I have watched the presidential debates, and I know we can all agree with one thing:  We need to change the regulations of abortion. According to the Worldometers, abortion kills 40-50 million babies a year that's about 125,000 babies a day. Abortion has killed more people than all of the wars combined. I’m here not speaking only for myself; I’m speaking for 44% of the U.S; I’m speaking for my church, and most of all I'm speaking for 6 nations that have already banned abortion.

43 years ago Roe vs Wade legalized abortion for all America.  Since then, over 50 million American babies have died.  43 years ago people struggled to take care of a baby. Now almost no one is unemployed, yet abortion is still legal. Women say they have power over their body; the babies have power over theirs too, then. The only legal way to die in the U.S is if you have committed a crime. What have the babies done to deserve to die? Aren’t they innocent until proven guilty? If killing a pregnant women is considered a double murder, then why does our government allow murder?

Martin Luther King, Jr. stated, “ How can the “dream” survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or mother. The mother decides its fate”. Then I ask you, president, is slavery still illegal in this country?  Some people may say, what if it's a miscarriage or maybe incest? Well, I tell you, babies are living things; they aren't something you can just kill. If we kill our babies will there another generation? We might as well be spiders who kill their babies once they're born. Will we be un-human? Or will be we cause our own extinction?

Mr. or Mrs. President you have to do something. Abortion needs more regulations and must stop being easily done. Amendment 13 banned all slavery in the U.S. 18 U.S code 1111 bans murder of any kind. Abortion is breaking our own Constitution and what makes up the government.  Mr, or Mrs. President, the change starts with you.


Brandon H