HT California

Deadly Bullet

One of my biggest fears is guns and I think that it's also a common fear in society these days.

Dear Next President,

I'm an  immigrant so I don't really understand most of the laws of the country and I hope that one day, I'll learn and get a deeper understanding about it. I love America like I love my own homeland although I've been here only for only 9 months, but I adore everything that the country, government and the people have successfully built up since the very beginning. I start watching the news to learn English and from their one of my fear has begun to appear. The fear of walking out of the street at night, the fear of going to the school, the fear of sleeping on my own bed every day, the fear of being shoot by some stranger with a bullet and a gun. 

There are a lot of people who are shot and killed, or wounded, by guns. It's on the news everyday, a woman with their children was shot, a girl who is sleeping on her own bed was shot by a thief, husband shot his wife, strangers shot each other. The Gun is scaring all the people who have to live with it and scare for it just like they scare of the son of death that they can escape away from. I have my own fear when it comes to me some day, because who know, if it can happen to the innocent woman next door, why not me? I'm grief with the lost of those family and I'm angry with the terrify event that had happened over and over again but no one can prevent it. Last week, I learnt about gangs group around my area and once it again it increases my fear more and more after that lesson. Picture of dead bodies and bloody stress. Suddenly it comes to my mind what if one day, a police officer calls me on the phone and announces to me that one of my family members is dead because of being shot. How can I be safe? 

Mr./Mrs. President, please find a way to stop this hurtful issue and please protect me and my family, and everyone else, from being threatened by gun shooting. 


Thu H.