Alex C. Massachusetts

College prices

College costs too much. People can't afford to go to college and get the important education that you get from college.

Dear, president 

     Congratulations on becoming president I am sure you will do very good things for this country. I am here to tell you what I think is a very big problem right now in the United States which is the amount of money it costs to go to college. 

College cost to much and Students are paying a lot for education that should be free. College is just as important as high school and middle school. People can't go to college because it cost too much and the people who are less fortunate will not be able to go to college and get the important education from there.

     College teaches important life skills like managing your own day or managing your time. If you can't pay for college then you won't learn those life skills. Also a job is more likely going to choose someone who has completed college than someone who hasn't completed college. If you go to college then you might learn more skills and might be more successful later on in your life.

     Also if you want to go to college then you most likely will not pay for the college right away. If you don't then you will be stuck in many years of college debt that might slow you down from being more successful and making money because you will have to give some of that money to the college.

     Some people don't want to go to college because the tuition cost too much and they will be stuck in debt. The better the school you want to go to  the more money you will have to pay for it. For example a very good college like Harvard can cost up to 60,000 a year. That too much for education even if it is a very good school.

Thank you,

Alex Chase