nadia New Jersey

No more abortion

STOPPING ABORTION will be the next things on their list to do.

   Dear future president,

Do you believe in abortion?? Well I certainly don't.killing a child is not the easiest thing to do and not the best thing to do.The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.43% of girls have an abortion.That means one in three women have an abortion before the age 45. ‘‘In 2008, about half of abortion patients had had their first abortion (more than half of women ages 25 and older had had an abortion). If fewer women who had abortions in 2014 have had a prior abortion, this could potentially result in a higher lifetime incidence, Jones said.”

So typically my issue is people are killing innocent kids they that have not met yet. I still can understand moms that have kids and think it's stressful why not put a kid up for abortion.You ever think of that. I think people just don't care for kids. Your mom if she had more kids and you happen to be a mistake what if she decides to abort you when she hasn't met you. You would've been the one that changed it was the sweet one so what would you do about that.

From…. Nadia