Nate Minnesota

Things to Change

War on Drugs

I think the future president should change a couple things. First of all I think laws the first thing should be looked at is all the little stupid laws the cause inconveniences most of these idiotic laws are on the state level, but it still needs some time put into it. For example the fishing regulations in Minnesota are way different, they are way more regulated than other states, even though we have one of the largest fish population for freshwater lakes. One law that I wish would change would be the amount of fish you can keep in your possession if you or not from the state. People come from other states just to take advantage of the amount they can take r home stealing fish from our lakes. Also the law for when you can fish for north pikes should change they are abundant and kill other fish. They should be fished for more they kill and destroy fish and duck populations.

Ok now that's out of the way, my second topic is the War on Drugs. The future president should slow the War on Drugs. Most of the time people who drugs have had a bad life and bad influences, so doing drugs can take away the pain of the life they live. It makes them feel good. Once you try drug and get addicted it's very hard to quit, making their health decrease. If you get caught using or with drugs you go to jail and most of the time this makes thing worse. They just come back out of jail and start getting drugs again. The jail population is huge because of the War on Drugs Instead we should have clinics to get people help, they can talk about problems and learn that drugs ruin lives. They can use less potent types of the drug and slowly come off their addiction. If we do this we can slow the demand for drugs, they will never be able to stop drugs by only arresting people, the demand will still be there so drugs will still be grown/made. The money spent on prisons and cops should be spent on clinics. I'm not saying we should completely stop the War on Drugs, but there should be some reduction in laws and penalties. If we can do that the economy will improve because these people who would be in jail can get a job and be a part of society. Drugs can ruin lives but putting those people in jail could put them in a hole they can't dig themself so out in.

Sincerely, Nathan