Cade K. Iowa

Gun control

Gun control is a problem

Dear Future President:

My name is Caden Kelderman and I live in Oskaloosa, Iowa, I am twelve years old and I am in seventh grade I live in the country with my family and I am an avid hunter.

Only thirty six percent of the US owns guns. I think that number is so low because politicians are saying that guns kill people. But that is not true it is the people behind the gun that do it. If a gun was laid on a night stand it not going to shoot somebody because it doesn’t have a brain. But if a person came and picked it up it could kill somebody. So in other words it’s not the gun it’s the person behind the gun.

This issue bothers me because you use guns for hunting and I love hunting. Guns can also be use for self defence. Say if someone had a concealed carrier permit and someone started shooting people they could pull out that gun and stop that persons rampage. So what I'm saying is if more good people had guns they could protect themselves and other people from danger.

You should care about this issue because the second amendment is suppose to protect our rights.But politicians are basically overruling it with all these other rules. Which make it seem like our gun rights are slowly fading. I really hope our gun rights don't get taken away, because guns allow me to have fun.

You can fix this issue by abolishing all of the laws that restrict our gun rights. You could also make it easier to go to gun shows and by guns and ammo. Especially .22 shells. Then if someone is buying a gun they have to do a background check and if they are a convicted felon they can't buy a gun. So basicly if you have done something bad you can't buy a gun . Then if you haven't done something bad you can buy a gun.

This bothers me as a Christian because in Luke 22:36, it says. ‘’He said to them, but now let any one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let any one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one’’. So in other words let people have their rights.

I thank you for this opportunity and I hope that you will take notice of my letter. Thank you for reading this letter, because this means a lot to me. And I hope that you will take notice of other people's letters.

Sincerely, Cade