Sadie Iowa

Animal Abuse

Do you know how serious animal abuse has become?

                                                          Animal Abuse

  Dear Future President,

          Do you know how serious animal abuse has become? Each year there are around 1,920 abuse/cruelty cases. Out of all the animals, 60% of the abused are dogs. Who is affected by this disgusting act? There are more people affected than what you thought. First, the animals are affected the most, they are the ones going through crucial pain. Also, the people who witness animals getting abused might think that it is okay to abuse animals because the see it happening, and nothing being done to stop it. Also, not to show sympathy to the abuser, but they may be going through a tough time where they don't know how to deal with their anger so they take it out on their pets. Some people have no respect for animals and treat them as if they are worthless. You may ask “How can we help?” Well, there are many charities that are asking for donations to help raise money to cure the injured animals and afford rescue searchers to help them. Also, some people wonder what they should do if they see animal abuse. If you are an eye witness to animal abuse, the first thing you should do is get an adult, if it is your family members abusing the animal call for help. You should NEVER touch the animal or the abuser for you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation. In conclusion to this letter, animal abuse is flat out inhumane and there is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Something needs to happen to control this situation, and with the help of you, that could happen.