Bella T. Kentucky

Free Healthcare

I believe that in the US we should have free healthcare. I believe that this would help many people.

Dear President, 

      I believe that we need free healthcare.  My family was especially in a situation where we needed this. My mom used to have great, reliable healthcare through her work. We really needed it too because my sister was really sick, and needed a lot of expensive medical attention.  We needed good healthcare because of all the trips to the hospital and visits to the doctor. Then,  my mom quit my job.

When my mom quit her job to become a stay-at-home mom and take care of my sister. We lost all of the privileges the healthcare provided. We then had to find reliable healthcare that was inexpensive. With my mom quitting her job we had less money, so we needed the healthcare to be cheap. This was very difficult because the healthcare that was cheap wasn't reliable and we still had to pay a lot, and when the healthcare was reliable it wasn't cheap. Free healthcare would've helped us a lot and others too. 

        Even though with free healthcare you have to pay more taxes (it's not actually free) it would still be easier and less expensive getting healthcare from the government (free healthcare)  than from a private corporation. You could start making programs helping people get healthier in result. This would make healthcare less expensive (lower extra taxes). For example, since a lot of people in the U.S are obese, you could create programs or policies encouraging people to walk/run more. For example, if you walk 50K in a week you get a tax deduction and a larger tax deduction if you walk/run extra after that. 

       To get free healthcare you could also share and fund-raise for the cause. You could go around the U.S and speak about the importance of free healthcare and what privileges it would bring. You wouldn't necessarily have to go around the country though. Using social media/online outlets you could share your ideas with almost everyone, easily and quickly. This could help the government get money so you/we can get enough funds for free healthcare.

         Free healthcare would be helpful to many people. It would help everyone struggling with expensive healthcare, or people with diseases like my sister. It would even help people in everyday life. In conclusion, free healthcare would help almost everyone, everywhere. I believe that you should help the U.S get free healthcare. 

                      Sincerely-   B.T  Kentucky