Makayla T. California

Animal Abuse

People everywhere have pets, but some, not for the reason you would think.

Dear Future President,

Since pets are members of families, they should not be hurt or treated cruelly by them.

Animal Cruelty and Abuse is something that needs to stop because, countless animals are being abused in many different ways each day, also animals and people are very much the same in ways most do not see.

Every day animals and pets are being abused because of how poorly people are treating them.

They are getting abused in many different ways. Puppy mills, dog fighting, and animal hoarding are all some of the horrible ways that pets and other animals are being abused. This remind me of the movie Annie. In a certain part of this movie, there is a dog that gets chased into a corner by a couple of kids. The dog then has things thrown at it and it can’t run or do anything to help itself. This scene always makes me sad considering the poor dog being abused by CHILDREN. If kids learn to be abusive who knows what they might do to their own child. It could go way downhill from there if the next evolution of humans were so cruel, who knows what would happen.

Animals and people are very much the same in ways most do not see because of the way both think, and express their feelings.

There is a study that dogs and people’s brains are very much the same. Dogs and people both live in the same environment so both species experience a lot of the same things. What the scientists think is that the animal uses the same brain system to process information and emotions like humans do. This then reinforces communication between people and pets. One other study scientists did was how the pets reacted to emotions of random people the pets did not know. This test proved very useful because most every animal ended up reacting to the peoples actions. For example, when a girl started to “cry”, the dog came up and licked her face to see if she was ok. This demonstrates that pets empathize with humans.

Pets are not abused because, abuse is what humans think of, and not pets.

First off, humans must control the animal's behavior. If the animal is not in a good mood or it is too excited it could hurt someone accidentally. Secondly, if an animal attacks the person, they must be prepared. Whatever the person would have to do to protect themselves would most likely injure the animal.

In Conclusion, I believe Animal Cruelty and Abuse should be illegal because dogs and other pets are animals just like everything else is and they need people to help stop it. Stand up for Animal Abuse.

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Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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