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Global Warming Can End the World

Global Warming can end the world, because animals are being killed off, and some countries are changing their seasons and time from global warming.

     Global Warming can end the world, because animals are being killed off, and some countries are changing their season and time.Animals are being killed off because of global warming because it is making the habitat they live in too hot, the answer to solve this is to find a way for the gasses to get out of our atmosphere. There are multiple animals that are said to be extinct such as a rodent that lived on a small island in Australia. This rodent hasn’t been seen since 2009. It wasn’t noticed until 2012 that there haven’t been sightings of this rat like animal. They set out traps for them to make an attempt to catch and make sure that it isn’t extinct. The trap didn’t work and they now name the animal extinct from it being too warm to live there.

     Countries are changing their time and calendar from the heat changing, to stop this we need to allow all of these gases out of the atmosphere and let our planet cool down. In the Pamir Mountains of central Asia, time isn’t the best thing there. Studies show that it has been getting hotter and hotter there. In this part of Asia they are changing their time and parts of their calendar from it getting warmer in times that it shouldn’t be that warm over the last few years. This part would judge their calendar to natural things happening. These patterns are now changing from it being too warm and we need to make it cooler again for many things to go back to normal.

    There are some benefits to global warming, it allows many things to be different to what they are used to and allows them to experience something else. From all the warmth that we are getting people get more things to explore around them rather than going on a trip to do it. This makes things a lot more enjoyable. You don’t have to spend lots and lots of money on trips and other things for you to do. With the warming you get to do more things and have more fun. Something else is that there are a lot less winter deaths from this which is great but it could lead to more deaths in the future.

    Overall Global warming can end the world. This warming must be stopped other wise we could go extinct. This world can’t keep polluting this world because it may end it rather than benefit us. I really hope that the worlds can end global warming before it ends humans.

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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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