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Artificial Meat

The way animals are raised in America needs to change.

Farm animals are not safe. Laws made 30+ years ago say that one can do anything to a farm animal legally. However, if someone were to treat a dog or cat the same way as they treat cows, pigs, or chickens they’d be in jail. The meat industry is raking in the money in America especially, with the average US citizen eating more than anyone in any other country. With the high demand of “Big Macs” and “Whoppers,” we’ve run out of sustainable ways of raising animals and keeping the meat clean.

When I go to McDonalds, I spend under $10 every time. However, there are hidden costs within all of the meat I eat. I don’t eat the meat from those kind of restaurants because I can’t trust it, but if I were to I would have “hidden expenses.” Having artificial chemicals and GMOs transferred into the body causes the hidden sicknesses. One Big Mac sold by McDonalds costs $5 on the spot, but really costs about $13 each with the illnesses to follow. About $414 billion go to the healthcare expenses and environmental damage that are coming from just fast food and artificial foods.

We’ve all seen the documentaries and the pictures and heard the rumors of foods being made out of random parts of animals, but why does it still happen? I hope that whoever the future president may be, that you can make laws that will protect us and watch over what we eat. We all live busy lives and it’s harder when we have to monitor foods because there is such a risk in our country. 

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