Josie P. Wisconsin

Animal Testing Should Stop Now.

Just take a moment and think about this. Over 26 million animals are tested, abused and even killed every year. Are you going to continue to let this happen?

Animals are being mistreated in laboratories to test out new medical products. Why do scientists do this? Well because they want to test out a new medical formula to discover if it will be appropriate for human use. Animals are loved and cared for in many homes and scientists want to hurt, kill and abuse them. The sad fact is the government spends up to $14 million dollars in animal research. If you think about the government is spending millions of dollars to hurt animals. We are losing harmless creatures and you Mr President need to do something about it now.

From my point of view this is pure torture to the animals when they did nothing to us. 62% of american say that this is ok while the other 32% say it's not. This is not ok to put animals through this torture and expect people not to say stop! This practice has been going on since 500 BC, and nobody had the courage to stand up to it until now. You could end this misery for the animals and the people who oppose. Help the animals to survive and not be abused any longer.

Why just sit there when you can do something about it? Do we really know if we can trust the formulas tested on animals? They could work differently on us than the animals. The college professors say that the more people are educated on this subject the more they favor it. I say its wrong either way. People only think that this is appropriate because they want cures for our diseases. We could use the medical cures on something else. Stop this abuse now and help the animals live.

Do something about this issue and make a change for this world. Do you care enough about living creatures to help save their lives?