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Climate Changes

Over the last 100 years between 1906 to 2005, the Earth's average temperature has increased from 0.6 to 0.9 degrees Celsius (1.1 to 1.6° F) while the temperature rate has nearly doubled in only the last 50 years. This is a problem that will only grow worse if it not addressed soon.

Dear Future President,

One of the most important issues in the world that is continuously seen and yet heavily ignored is the issue of climate change. While Earth is considered our home, it has been constantly abused, notably in the past 200 years, which has resulted in a major change in our climate. While many people don't see the effects of pollution in our society, I have been lucky enough to be able to in visiting 2nd and 3rd world countries in which pollution constantly fills the air to the point where you are unable to see the stars at night. So while these climate changes at the moment don’t seem to have a major effect on many our lives, the longer we wait the more drastic these effects will have as they continue to add up on top of each other.

The problem of climate change and pollution is one that was created by us. The constant waste of trash and excessive use of fossil fuels have been a recurring problem in our world. However "small problems" are only getting amplified as we have started to cut down major forests to build for us to use to waste fossil fuels and trash. This as a result has as a result created a "Greenhouse Effect" in which carbon dioxide stays in our atmosphere and is trapped in heat. While having the Greenhouse Effect is good for our world as it brings us heat, it is coming to a point where it's becoming over-excessive. As the world continues to burn more and more fossil fuels due to the improvements in technology such as automobiles, the destruction of forests becomes more important as all this carbon dioxide has nowhere to guy as there aren't a lot of trees to absorb it. As a result, they stay in our atmosphere and increase the temperature. The hot temperature can cause major damage to not only our environment but the environment of wildlife as many plants and animals. This effect can be seen already as many animals such as polar bears as glaciers are starting to melt more so it gets harder for these bears to hunt. If we do not act soon on this problem, many animal and plant species will go extinct as they fail to adapt to these hotter climates.

While these problems seem daunting, it isn't too late to fix them. A very easy way to fix this problem for the future is to each the early generations to be "green". While these ideas are taught to kids, it is constantly ignored and neglected by the teen-youth which needs to be stopped. Doing tasks such as recycling are always common ways to help this problem. But even simpler tasks such as turning off the lights when leaving a room or turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth are very simple everyday activities that can be done to help. Emphasis on creating more gas efficient cars along with less use of fossil fuels will play a large part in helping. By emphasizing on these problems and bringing more awareness for it, we can help our world not only continue to prosper, but also become a better home for our future.


Richard Y

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