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Global Warming Affecting Our Future

Are people aware of the problems that Global Warming carries?

Dear Future President,

Global Warming has been a danger for long time, and it’s only getting worse and worse. Global Warming is a rapidly growing problem because of its temperature changes, and its changes to earth itself. 

One of the biggest problems that lies under global warming is the temperature changes because it endangers habitats. Over the years, winters in cold areas have been getting warmer and have had less snow. “Earth’s temperatures in 2015 were the hottest ever recorded. -NASA” (“Climate Change Threats and Solutions.”) This is a problem because with every degree, it endangers the habitat of an animal. For instance, Polar Bears need glaciers in their habitats. If they’re all melted, they will lose important necessities or die. To help prevent these weather conditions, someone could possibly do something big like purchase an electric hybrid vehicle, or do something as simple as change their diet to eating less foods with carbon.

Following that, another important problem is the changes Global Warming is making towards Earth itself because sea levels are rising. So why and how are the sea levels rising? Tying back to the climate changes, they’re rising because of the heat. “The major cause of global sea-level rise is thermal expansion caused by warming of the oceans.” (“Is Sea Level Rising?”) So why would this be a problem? Well, rising sea levels will affect the earth because of the citizens living on the coasts. This will be effective because of the chances of flooding going up. “Approximately 25 million people live in an area vulnerable to coastal flooding.” (“Climate Impacts On Coastal Areas.”) Consequently, if there are any coastal floods in the future, it will also affect others living in that area or state. This is because coastal areas are usually densely populated, so that would bring them farther inland, which would make communities more crowded. Also, most coastal areas are tourist destinations, which means everything destroyed would be inaccessible. In conclusion, rising sea levels are a big problem that must stop. 

Some may think this is unnecessary, however it isn’t because people really don’t think about the future, which could be completely different if this continues. People might be reading this and be thinking about how the earth wouldn’t change in ways that would affect them. However, this could potentially be dangerous if humans don’t take care of Earth. For example, when someone goes to the grocery store, they get those single-use plastic bags. What they don’t know is when they throw them away, it takes years for them to actually be broken down. The machines that are used for items that are hard to dispose give off heat and cause the temperatures to go up. “Rising temperatures will likely lead to increased air pollution, a longer and more intense allergy season and the spread of insect-borne diseases.”(“Global Warming Impacts.”) So people may think that this isn’t a big deal, but people could be seriously affected if they are not informed about things that could happen in the future.

In conclusion, Global Warming is an extensive problem because of its temperatures, and changes to earth. After all of this, the big question is; how can people help? You could make decisions recycle old bags or really anything. Also, if you’re old enough to vote, you could consider voting “yes” on proposition 67. However, if you’re not old enough, inform adults on it so you can make your community a better, greener place.

Thank you,

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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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