Mila J. Wisconsin

Animal Abuse

Why animal abuse is a sickening crime that needs to be stopped

Dear Future President of the United States,

Animal abuse is a sickening crime that should stop. From taking animals away from their habitats and families to being used in scientific testings, animals need our help and deserve their own rights just like us, but animals can’t speak up for themselves. It is up to us to care for these astonishing creatures.

One truly horrible animal abuse factor is animal testings and experiments. In the average year 26 million animals are victims of scientific and commercial testings in the U.S alone, and around the globe 115 million animals die because of these acts. Even though animal testing has helped treat medical conditions (breast cancer, brain injuries, malaria,etc.), animals are being harmed, even killed, in these testings that frequently fail. In fact, 94% of drugs tested on animals fail when used on human trails. Not only do these experiments mistreat animals but they also waste money. 14 to 31 billion dollars are spent by the U.S National Institute of Health (NIH)on animal testings and experiments. All of that money could provide new equipment for urgent surgeries or be donated toward a good cause, not to the suffering of many innocent and helpless animals.

But animal testing is not the only form of animal abuse, taking away animal's natural instincts and homes can be just as terrifying. Many animals in zoos are either removed from their wild domain or are born in captivity. Both these scenarios are truly awful because the animals don’t get to experience their habitats to it’s full potential. Many animals that are taken out of their homes can often die during or after their displacement. Most people are concerned about the animals in zoos or in aquatic centers, but are more troubled for those who are taken from their homes and families, and are placed in circuses or shows where trainers try to take away their natural,sometimes killer, instincts. In one case a school field trip turned nasty when a woman trainer was walking a tiger around a pen. Suddenly the tiger took a swing at the trainer. Then, still with the children watching,the woman fell and the tiger grabbed hold of her leg. This is a horrific incident that could have been prevented if the tiger was not uprooted from its home and stripped of its natural instincts.

Lastly, many people and organizations are trying to get the word out about the repulsive actions against animals. For example, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) release advertisements during popular events like the Super Bowl. But PETA isn’t the only organization that tries to stop abuse, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(ASPCA) mainly tries to stop cruelty toward house pets like dogs and cats. Even regular people are upset about mistreated animals. While 3% of Americans think that animals are “just animals” and they don't need our protection, 62% of Americans believe that animals deserve some sort of protection from harmful ways. The last 32% of Americans strongly think animals deserve the same rights as humans, because they can suffer just like us.

Animal abuse is a sickening offense that can scar or even kill innocent animals. We need to put a stop to animal testing, displacement and anything else that harms these amazing creatures. After all, once they are gone they are gone, and we won't get a second chance to make things right.

Thank you,