Phatcharin Y. California

Let Women Choose

Women should be able to choose whether to bring life into the world or not. It is their body and their future.

Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs. President,

Woman should have the right to chose to have an abortion or not. Planned parenthood should continue to be funded to help these woman who are in desperate need. Religious and biased opinions should not affect these women's right to their own body. There are many complications which lead them to this route and this option should be offered to them.

Between 8 to 12 weeks of the pregnancy the fetus is not even considered a fetus yet and just an embryo. Between this time a life has not formed so it would not harm the embryo yet. 13 weeks pregnancy and after should be restricted to an abortion but before that, the woman should be able to decide whether they want the responsibilities as a mother and go through all the agony or not.

There are many rape victims who become pregnant and abortion should be offered to them. They did not ask to become pregnant, they didn't ask to have life in them, and they may not want to become mothers. The child can grow up abused and neglected because he/she is a child of rape. This can lead to depression then to suicide. Woman have to give up their child for adoption because they could not provide for the child, these children grow up wondering why their parents wouldn't want them and grow up hating the world. The foster system is not a nice place, so why have a child go through so much? This would cost the government more money with every child put up for adoption.

Planned parenthood is not just for adoption but they offer Sex Ed, birth control and affordable health care for women. They also offer cancer exams. They offer so much for the community and shutting it down would just hurt the people which could lead to many economy problems.

Woman should have the option to either get an abortion or keep the baby. With the time limit of your pregnancy between 8-12 weeks as the restriction time, less people would be against it. You don't know what they are going through to have to give up a child so let the mother make the decision.


Phatcharin Yang