Dylan McGuire Wisconsin

Dear Mr.Trump

I am going to be talking about gun control.

Gun control is a major problem in our country at the moment. When I see a man with a concealed carry I automatically feel scared, but I also feel safe because the criminals that see the weapon will also feel scared. Guns are a part of the culture which many people say that we don't have ; hearing about hunting, skeet shooting, and guns in general is part of who we are.

Guns don't kill people people do around sixty six inmates die a year without guns. Fueling my idea that it's the person behind the gun not the gun. According to the article the argument that guns should be banned is similar to cars should be banned because of the hundreds of thousands of car fatalities a year.Our nation needs cars to be able to move around, and communicate, our nation needs guns for recreation(fun) and safety.Because of the prejudice towards gun owners for being supposed murderers and psychopaths they've chosen to protest their cause peacefully for gun laws to stay the same and change to a more strict policy. Which doesn't make any sense because if they were really murderers then why aren't they taking their "military grade" assault rifles to shoot the people against them. 

With the gun disagreement being so hot currently there are many rumors being spread around by people against guns. For example many people say families that own guns are more likely to kill a family member than an intruder and that an armed citizen doesn't deter crime. These claims are false for a number of reasons according to the article 57% of criminals said that they were more afraid of being shot by an armed citizen than a cop, also 74% of criminals wouldn't go to a house when they knew the citizen would have a gun. 

Thirdly and finally according to the study conduced by Harvard students countries with more guns have a lower murder/suicide rate. They have a lower crime rate due to the amount of people with guns to stop the criminals. In Russia just 5 years ago their murder/suicide rate was four times higher even though they had strict no gun laws until recently when the Russian government allowed citizens to have guns for self defense. When the government allowed this, their murder rates and suicide rates dropped significantly.

In conclusion the right to bear arms the simple 2nd amendment that has been around for one hundred plus years should stay the same , because having guns is a major part of The United States Of America by giving us entertainment and safety. 


                                                                                                                 Dylan McGuire

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