Nathali C. California

Help for Immigrants

People young and old flee from their countries for fear that the gangs will kill them. Also people are coming to United States to have a better life.

Hello future President,

I hope that when you win the election for President that you will help immigrants have a better life in the United States. I know you will be a great President for this country. My name is Nathali, I am a student from Locke High School. I will be 16 years old in December. I like to help the people like you, future President. I am an honest person,a good friend, and I like to study because I want to go a university like UCLA. I want be a successful person. This is my American dream, like a lot of young people who suffer cross the border. I know you want to improve this country because this is your goal. Therefore, I have a good idea: you can let immigrants cross the border without the police following them. This will help you because if the immigrants work you can earn more money and you can utilize this opportunity without abusing immigrants. This good idea benefits all people.

Young people young and children come to United States because their country is filled with gangs who kill the innocent people. I think the people who come to United States want to work here and they come with good ideas to better their lives. According to the article, “ Many say they are fleeing violence from gangs and drug dealers”. This things are true because my country El Salvador is very dangerous because the gangs MS, 18 and La Mara Salvatrucha are fight to get power in my country. This is important because I know all the suffering that people experience. I want you can help them, new President.

I know you have a lot things to do to help the country United States. The best thing to do is that to help all the people who don’t have food, water or a who place to sleep. This a rich country but I see a lot people who are born here don’t have work or shoes nor clothes for wearing. All countries have poor and rich places but the people alway have goals that them want accomplish in their lives. According to the article, “Others are Trying to Break Free from Poverty and Get a Better Life” This is very sad because sometimes the people want change to be a better person and the people and the presidents don’t give them the opportunity to change. This is important because a lot people making mistakes in the world and always we have time to fix our mistakes. I want you give time and new opportunities for the people to fix their lives.

As the president, you should care because in the selections you say that you do new opportunities for the people and that you help to immigrate people and poor people. Like a men or women with reputation, I think that you have comply your promises and help to the people. According to the article “Host Bill O’Reilly describe the terrible treatment of the farm workers who were forced to leave”. This quote explain that in the 1950s program take out a lot people who need work in United States. This is important because the people can see the Presidents broke their promises without care and how many suffered.

All of the people aren’t good, but all of the people aren’t bad either. Won't all the people should pay for the mistakes of the gangs or for mistakes from bad people. I hope the you will be a good person with good feelings for the people who need it. I wish the new you won,t do something that you will regret.

Sincerely, Nathal

Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy

Mrs. Rowley's Classes

ELD students at Alain LeRoy Locke High School.

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