Seth Minnesota

Abolish the Death Penalty

I think the Death Penalty should be abolished.

October 5, 2016

Dear Next President:

Congratulations on winning the election. I think the death penalty should be abolished in all states. The death penalty and capital punishment is illegal in 20 states, legal in 30. States spend so much money on the death penalty, but they barely use it.

States spend millions of dollars on the death penalty. “On average each state spends 10 million dollars” says an anonymous writer for the U.S.Newswire, even though it is not used often. Killing a killer is doing no good, so therefore the death penalty is not needed. The crimes that a person can be put on death row for have been going down drastically, so the people are not even committing the crimes.

An anonymous writer for the U.S. Newswire, writes “The death penalty was ranked last when the police chiefs were asked to name one area “most important for reducing violent crime”, with only one percent listing it as the best way to reduce violence”. This shows that the death penalty is not an efficient way to punish someone for their crimes. They also said “The police chiefs ranked the death penalty as the least efficient use of taxpayers money”. This shows that the death penalty is not a good way to spend money. Also in their article they claim “New Jersey threw away $250 million on the death penalty over 25 years with nothing to show for it.” This is a clear example showing the death penalty is a huge waste of money. These are all reasons the death penalty should be abolished.

Bill Ryan apart of the Chicago Tribune, in his article “Abolish the Death Penalty” claims “Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend our dollars on programs that will actually reduce violent crimes?” And he’s correct, if we're going to spend that much money we should at least put it to work.

I think the death penalty should be completely abolished in all states. Use the money normally spent on death penalty, and use it to hire more officers and create better programs. Also for the people that commit crimes and put on death row, should be put in jail for life. Good luck with your next four years in the office.


Seth Dooley

Henry Sibley High School


American Lit.

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