Jessy Michigan

Gun Control

I want stronger gun restrictions and laws than the ones we have now.

Dear future president,

My name is Jessy and I will be talking about the situation on Gun control and what is becoming of the use to own firearms. It is becoming a major issue it’s always the the news or in the paper. You always hear someone talking about it it is a very debated topic. America is split on the issue and that is not surprising why. Hillary wants to completely abolish the second amendment and trump want to keep it just how it is. I think that there should be stronger restrictions on the sale of guns who can use it where it’s sold and what types of firearms are allowed. It is hard to find a middle ground between the two major parties and the people the two parties have to agree upon something and if the people don’t agree it could end up being very bad for everyone involved and it you are one of the major deciding factors so Iurge you to make the right choice. People are dieing everyday to gun related incidents people are going to public places and shooting into crowds and kids are taking their parents firearms and going to school and shooting up there class mates it is horrible how low america has fallen we have a disturbingly higher rate of gun related deaths due to the fact of how loose america is on gun control there’s loopholes in it all there needs to be stronger restrictions on firearms and reinforcement of these restrictions everyday and the people have to have a say in how the restrictions are placed it could create chaos.

Guns are important it’s what keeps us safe it helps protects us it gives us reassurance it helps protect you and your family in dire situations that will haunt you for the rest of your life but gun control has gotten so bad it is sad and america is just standing by watching it happen there is no major movement to prevent these accidents guns have been falling into the wrong hands and horrible acts are happening more and more often more now than ever people have been using them for the wrong reasons a civilian should not have to use a firearm they should find comfort in having one and carrying one it is full when someone feels like the only way to stay safe in a situation is to use a gun in self defence. We should find comfort in our law enforcement and military but it is not enough to most people a lot of people think it is important to have that extra insurance that feeling of safety it is one of our constitutional rights after all the second amendment is very important but the people of our country have been abusing it gun related deaths are at a all time high in america it is greater than any country no one comes near us and that is a very sad thing people are going into public places with semi automatic weapons and automatic weapons and shooting into the crowds until they are taken down and that is only when there killed kids are also taking their parents firearms and going to school with them and shooting into crowds there killing their peers and teachers it is a horrible thing we need stronger gun restrictions and certain people shouldn't be allowed to own firearms people with mental disabilities or convicts should not be allowed to own them to name a few both parties will have to agree on restrictions or nothing will happen something has to change before even more innocent lives are taken while america just sits idly by so you the next future president should do something about this horrible problem

We need stronger gun restrictions in america because of the violence it helps create.

Gun related problems are happening more and more often there is school shooting every where across the country there is public shootings everywhere there is terrorism there is no reason for these mass shootings there is no reason to want to go and kill people you don't even know there is 100,000 gun related deaths in the last 10 years. Obama is enacting more gun control regulations to try and make america safer but trump says that if he is elected that he will tear down all that he has done. I believe that obama made some good laws about the regulations of guns he even made it so you could carry guns into places you weren't allowed to before obama is trying to find the middle ground and i hope you the next president continue on his work and not tear it down.

Facts in 2014 33,000 gun related deaths happened, We need stricter background checks, we need stricter laws the one we have today aren't doing anything, most of the laws are state level on guns there is very few federal laws. So if you want to strengthen any of our restrictions or laws you will need the support but the tricky part is they are currently split even on the topic I know I am if you can get major gun companies on your side itll make it easier to get the proper gun regulations and laws that we need. Every single person is affected one way or another directly or indirectly if stricter regulations itll keep guns from law abiding citizens only if someone wants a gun they'll get a gun. Stricter laws/regulations will be good or bad but if it's pushed too hard it will have the opposite effects look at texas and you'll see there just taking laws down left and right.

In 1985 10% of people had a hunter's license in 2006 it was 6% in 2003 there was a lawsuit on individual gun bans are unconstitutional. Don't push the laws or restrictions or bans itll make it worse you need to take it slow if you want to make any progress on the subject. Everyone some way or another is affected by guns the people who owns guns are the ones that is getting affected they want to protect their family to protect their rights to bear arms. I believe in our amendments and believe that there should only be restrictions on guns nothing permanent no massive change.

So i believe that we need the proper gun restrictions and laws but if you push too hard it'll have the opposite effect and you will do more harm than help i believe that if something doesn't happen soon worse and worse things are going to happen related to guns and the lose of life should always be your number one goal thank you for your time.