Mackenzie Georgia

Gun Safety in America

The matter of gun safety has been a growing problem for to long. We need to fix it.

Dear Future President, 

Considering that this is the 21st century, technology has become beyond anything else in this world. And one thing technology has brought us is weapons for the military, but also for civilian use. This is has been a growing problem for everybody in the United States, including you. I greatly believe that it is time we payed gun safety another visit. Because with the number of gun responsible deaths exceeding 30,000 a year, I believe that the grip on gun safety should definitely be tightened.

Now please don’t misunderstand me. I am not, I repeat, am not you own a gun or firearm, it should not just be sitting on your bedside suggesting a ban on guns in the hands of civilians. I am saying that if table! Imagine a person that has just gotten home from a huge party and is really drunk. Who's to say that they won’t grab that gun and do who knows what with it! Everything is more dangerous with a gun. Especially things like drunkenness, depression, extreme anger, etc.. All of these could lead to a person committing suicide, homicide, or just firing wherever, just because their firearm was not stowed properly. This is why I think gun owners should be required to have a safe storage place for their firearm(s).

Now most people will probably say that just because there is a mandatory requirement for safe gun storage, showing of license to purchase a gun, and a specific reason to own a firearm, that people will follow it. Yes there will always be smugglers, law breakers, and people who just won’t follow the rules but there will also be many people who will see the need for this and will follow accordingly. And even if there are just a handful of states that make this mandatory, it will still be a whole lot safer gun wise in America.

Please, future president, this problem of guns and firearms in general has been beating up this country for ages now. We have tried so much to calm it down, and yet this year, in almost every state there has been at least 1-2 gun deaths. This is highly unnecessary for America. Fortunately, you have the power to change all of this. Please use it to save the lives of hundreds of Americans and even yourself.


Creekland Middle School student,