Jonathan R. Georgia

Abort The Abortions

Abortions should be illegal, and here is why.

Dear Next President,

             Would you pay 300 to 800 dollars to have a child killed? Two out of every five U.S citizens will get an abortion. Abortions should be illegal and here is why.

             Here is one way the baby is killed. The doctor takes a curette, a small knife, inserts it in the womb and breaks the child’s bones. Then pull the parts out. They literally pull off there arms and legs. Did you also know that 1.21 million abortions have been reported in 2008. Some people may say “It’s their body they can do what they want”. So is it OK that a baby dies because 2 people made a mistake? 

           Some people say, "The baby isn't born yet it has no rights". OK if you have a pen and the tip is in the pen its still a pen right? Even though you cant see the end its still a pen. same with a child you cant see the child but its still a child.

            Some people also say “What if they were raped”. They can get an abortion. They go to court and if the person wasn’t guilty you pay a fine. It’s just an idea its hard to find a solution. So Mr. or Madam president I hope you take this into consideration. Please abort the abortions.


Jonathan R.