Fernando California

Dear, Future President

This is my letter on the topic of racism and police Brutality

November 8. 2016

Dear Ms or Mrs President,

I think the first thing you need to do first in your presidency is to stop racism and police brutality because there have been a lot of people getting killed because of racism and police brutality. Sometimes cops think that they’re untouchable, but even they can go to prison. If we don’t address this topic, more people are going to die because of racism and police brutality and the US is not going to be safe for other races. We need to find a way to stop this issue from going too far. We have to find a way were we all are equal where we don’t have war but peace .

Take, for example, what is happening in Charlotte. According to police, officers saw a man named Scott exit a vehicle in the parking lot while carrying a handgun and he refused to do what they were telling him to do. However, Scott's wife was also present and disputes that account(CNN.com) Another example of police brutality is about a black kid getting thrown to the ground and being pinned by cops because giving the officers a funny look while armed with a puppy is that going to be acceptable just because he was giving a funny look. I can’t believe that cops can get offended so easily because of funny looks, we can’t have cops doing these kinds of things because they “got offended.” The police have to be sure something is going to happen before they take action. Look at what happened to the black man who was just reaching for a book, but the cop thought he was reaching for a gun, so he shot the black man. Now they’re trying to say that he was trying to get a gun because he was colored.The police are supposed to protect us and help us- we're not supposed to be afraid of them .

What is happening in our nation with all the racism and police brutality, it all has to change. Did you know that police killed at least 102 and more unarmed black people in 2015, nearly twice each week (CNN.com)? If we do something now we can start making does number go down.

Racism has to stop. We can’t just start to separate every race until there is the whites, the blacks, the mexicans, and more- we all have to unite and be one big human race and where we can do things that we couldn't do as different races. Where we can live without people getting hurt and killed. Where we all are equal, there is no rich or poor, we all are the same and there is no discrimination of who you are and what you are. There can’t be people in more power than others like police, we all have to be the same .If we do this the world will be a better and safer place. And perhaps this can be your legacy of being the president: to stop racism and police brutality. Thank you for reading my letter that I have written for you.


Fernando V.