Ryan S. California

Homeless Veterans

Veterans everywhere are living out on the streets and not getting the care they need. Most veterans have suffered from mental sickness and no one cares about them. That is why I think all veterans should be in shelters and get the care that they need.

Hi, I am Ryan and I am proposing an idea to keep our veterans off the streets and healthy.Homelessness is a big problem but veterans are out on the streets and they need some help after all they have done for us.Homeless Veterans is a big problem in the United States because they suffer from mental sickness and 14.8% of the homeless population are war veterans and their not getting the help they need.

Homelessness is a problem and some of those people are our own veterans because of poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions. I think that all veterans should not be on the streets and be provided shelters because they have done so much for us.Nearly half a million veterans only pay 50% of their rent so they become homeless. 1 in 5 veterans live alone due to high divorce rates, without assistance of social networks they are at a high risk of homelessness. Many veterans fall to homelessness because of the skills they learned in the military don’t help in the civilian workforce. Also lack of education and substance abuse problems causes them to be homeless.

Veterans that come back from battle have a higher chance of suffering from mental illness because of depression and PTSD coming back from war. America’s veterans should be able to get help so they don’t have to suffer anymore. PTSD is one of the most common illnesses that veterans have. The most common symptoms of PTSD are having trouble concentrating, lack of interest, feelings of detachment, loss of appetite, and sleep disturbances. 30% of veterans get diagnosed with mental illness 3 to 4 months living alone. 20% of Iraq veterans suffer from brain injury and are more angry and have suicidal thoughts.

Some people are saying that veterans have to work and get their own jobs and make money but they have done so much for us I do not think they should have to or at least they should be able to get some help.Most veterans that come back from war suffer from illness and can’t afford to buy a living space. So veterans are homeless. Veterans hope to come home and get a home cooked meal but over 40,000 veterans are forced out on the streets. Our president right now is trying his best to help the vets but I am hoping our next president will make a big impact.

In conclusion, I hope to see our next president do something about our homeless and sick vets. They have fought for our freedom and have lost many things. I believe that the first step to solving this problem is to give all returning vets shelter, food, and help from hospitals.

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Veteran Homelessness Office of Public Affairs


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Zhebel - English 8

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