Jacob S. Michigan

Stolen Valor

Stolen Valor is an issue that needs stricter laws.

Dear Future President,

I would like to address an issue that effects military veterans throughout the united states. There are some people who would go around wearing fake uniforms and fake medals. There should be much stricter laws on this topic then there are. This issue effects me because, my family has served in the military, and I plan on serving too.

This is an issue because many people have actually earned the medals that people are claiming to have earned, while not actually sacrificing anything to actually deserve those medals. Some people have died for our country who could have actually earned those medals. Many people lose their friends on the battlefield.

You can go online and buy almost any military decorations, and uniforms.  Anyone would think " it would be much easier to just buy a uniform, and medal than to earn it." You can even buy a purple Heart online, which is a very important award. It shouldn't be possible to purchase these medals anywhere, or a uniform. If you buy these things online, you can even get your name put on your name tape and buy the ranks.

I believe there should be stricter laws on this subject, or making it so people cant purchase these things online, without proof of earning these medals.If that was a law, there would be less people able to obtain the medals, and uniforms. When people can't obtain these things, there would be less stolen valor.

Northview High School

2nd Hour

Mrs. PItt's 2nd hour 9th grade English students.

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