Kayla C. Kentucky

Gun control

A letter to discuss the need for gun regulations and gun safety

Dear future president,

Recently we have seen many problems with gun violence. Guns are too easily accessed! Therefore, some action must take place. We should have background checks put in place for anyone seeking to purchase such a weapon. Also, police and people, are shooting for no reason, limitations need to be put in place on how and when cops can use guns. Another problem with gun control is kids are getting a hold of guns way to easily which causes harm to themselves or others. As the next president, I hope you will consider the following much need changes:

Guns are too easily accessed. Background checks need to be changed to search for any criminal records and mental health concerns on a persons file. Some recent attacks may have been prevented if we would have had background checks in place. Purchasing a gun is putting a lot of trust into a person, and sometimes we trust people who should not be trusted with such a lethal item. Background checks would reduce guns getting into the hands of potential criminals. Checks should also look into mental health concerns. Individuals with mental health concerns often make emotional decisions resulting in gun violence; for example in our schools and other attacks.

Guns have recently been used irresponsibly by police and other people in the community. Accidents happen, but accidents scare people, making them do things they don't need to do. We should have limitations on when police can shoot and when they cannot. Also as the paragraph above states, background checks would prevent mindless shooting. Cops think that because a man could potentially reaching for a gun that is a threat and shoots out of fear and lack of training. And the man/woman feels so fearful from past events that they will make a mistake so they freeze up or donโ€™t listen. Fear is a bad thing and can cause horrible accidents, which can result in chaos or violence.

Kids are getting access to guns too easily. If someone owns a gun it should be locked up, out of a kids reach. For teens, suicide is a main cause for death. Having a gun out openly makes suicide so much easier. In the moment teens don't think about it and are so depressed, they just shoot. We as people should not tolerate the fact that a gun can be accessed this easy that can result in such a horrible accident. Also, littler kids are finding guns in there parents homes, thinking they are toys. Those same kids accidentally shoot themselves or a friend. So, as president, make restrictions to keep children for dying or harming others. You cans save so many lives of children!

All and all, guns should be limited, checked, locked, and protected only by those we trust. As president update background checks, to keep us safe and secure. Also, limit what police and others can do with guns to prevent mindless shooting like incidents recently. Finally, make laws that make people secure guns from children and teens to save lives and prevent suicide. Guns are very dangerous and should only be held by those with great honesty and respect. I hope my generation can help more people realize what a big problem this is. So, let's keep America safe!

Thanks and good luck.

A concerned student!

Kayla C.


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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