Ryan M. Missouri

Solutions for Terrorism

This is a letter addressing the problem of terrorism.

Dear Future President, 

Hundreds of people die a year to homegrown terrorism. These terrorist are persuaded by a promise of a better life. Most of these terrorist come from the Middle East.

So here is my proposal we demonize these groups by backing the media's constant fire of one sided journalism. We could also improve the quality of our terror watch list by monitoring and hacking the people who have watched these propaganda videos. We could also contact google an american company to take some of these outrageous videos down ( Google owns YouTube).

We could also deploy troops to the countries hit hardest and help our allies in their fight against domestic terrorism (Belgium comes to mind). The easiest way for our country to contribute it the downfall of these tyrants is to fight we do not have to send in land troops as increased bombing and naval support could also help. Many of these strategies can be used in tandem to overall end the reign of terrorism in the east. Think about the trade that could be opened up if we destroy these terrorist. Every second we waste, the terrorist grow stronger.


Ryan M.