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School Lunches

Why the school lunches should revert back to the old standards

Dear Future President,

During Obama term as president of the United State of America, his first lady, Michelle Obama made changes to the school lunches to be more healthy. This did indeed made school lunches be more healthy but it also made the school lunches taste worst. School lunches should revert back to the old standards, below are reasons why.

The obvious reason is because it can make students eat their lunch instead of throw it away. If something taste bad the natural instinct for humans is to not eat it. This same logic also applies to school lunches. Student throw away the food they received at the cafeteria because it does not taste good. Either that or they don`t want the food(such as fruits like a pear). When students do this, food gets wasted and when food gets wasted, our tax dollars get wasted. This may sound all biased with no evidence to support my reasoning however, if you taste the food that this country serves to million of students everyday for lunch, maybe, just maybe, you will find out that this reason is true.

The healthy school lunches just make students become more unhealthy. In my school, its not uncommon to see a student only eat junk-food like chips and cookies instead of the food offered by the school for lunch. These junk-food serves as a substitute for the healthy lunches offered by the school. And if a student does not have money to buy snacks at the vending machine they will be hungry until school is over. I`m no health expert but I am pretty sure starving is worst than not eating food. Students would prefer to eat unhealthy junk food than the healthy lunches, not because its unhealthy, but because it taste good. For what seems like a solution to end childhood obesity and make kids become healthier, results in more problems than solutions.

As a student in one of the high school in my district, I find myself substituting healthy food with junk food and throwing away the food I received from the cafeteria that doesn't taste good. Sometimes I don`t carry money to buy junk food so I`m destined to starve. As a result it effects my capabilities to learn stuff in class because my stomach would be grumbling and I would get a headache, from not eating. This could be prevented if you change the school lunches back to the old standards. Not only will you resolve the problems I listed above but you will also have a feeling knowing that more students won`t go hungry and be hungry in their class.

 If you do decide to change the school lunches and overrule Michelle Obama lunch law, I would be very happy. But if you don`t or can`t, try to at least bring back the chocolate milk.

Sincerely, Christian

John Henry Francis Polytechnic High School

Honors English 10 A / Period 4

Sophomore English class in the magnet program of John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, California.

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