Karla H. California

A Life or A Choice

What Abortion means to me and how it can affect women,that do this.

Dear Future President,

We live in a society that has the liberty to do whatever they want. Things that were illegal before now, they are legal. For example, Abortion. Do we ever think about how the person that is getting the abortion feels during and after the process. In this case, it's not even the person but the person who is losing their life, the baby in this case. What I wanted to write about today, was the emotional feelings that a person has when the baby is removed from their body. I don't think women should have abortions because the emotional effects that they have.

This theme about abortion is very important because when my mom was pregnant the doctors had told her that I, was going to be born with the Fibrosis Syndrome. That is when your stomach is bigger than any other body part. My point is that they told my mother and father that they could abort me if they wanted to. They gave my parents this option because they thought I was only going to be alive for a couple of months. Of course, my parents didn't abort me. It came out when I was born that the doctors were wrong, thank God I was born healthy. When I found about this, I wondered if my mother would have had emotional side effects if she did have an abortion. Also, this made me think what if my parents hadn’t given me a chance to being born. The emotional effect isn't always relief, you know.

While I was writing about this topic that interested me, I did a quick research. I typed in the words, “Emotional side effects on abortion” as soon as I pressed enter on my laptop, I found hundreds of websites with the effects. On the website, www.americanprenancy.com, I found these words, ”Regret, anger, guilt, shame, sense of loneliness, or isolation, insomnia, nightmares, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts and feelings, eating disorders, depression, and also anxiety”.

I, was shocked when I heard and read this. I had the opportunity to go to a marathon, my father and my friend Francisco, this marathon was on fundraising money to help women who decided not to abort. This fundraiser was made by Walk For Life. During this day, after I ran, I got to meet a lot of women and this impacted my life. I got to hear their stories and it made me think,about all those women,and I, felt bad. This also made me think of how my mom would of felt. Would she had found that comfort? The comfort into knowing that she had done the wrong thing. So many women, try killing themselves, also its shocking. These are the statics: “They found that the mean annual suicide rate for women was 11.3 per 100,000 but the rate for women following abortion was 37.4 per 100,000 three times higher." These statics were found in the same website as before on www.americanpregnancy.com. To be honest, this is really sad.

So I hope future president that after you read this you will realize what you want to for this nation, on behalf of abortion. Do you want this nation to just be fewer and fewer people? If you haven't noticed, I hope you make abortion illegal, so people can face up to their problems and not ignore them.