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Medical Marijuana Legalization

Why isn't medical marijuana legalized in all states in the USA?

Dear Future President,

Medical marijuana can be great for one's health, since it has medicinal values. People who abuse it, however, will not get the most out of it, and this is why it has such a bad reputation. Marijuana is proven to be a safe drug for anyone to use, but people are still getting arrested for using it, since some states have not legalized it. Although this is the case, marijuana has THC, which is known to cure various cancer cells. Also, it reduces nausea, seizures, and pressure in the eyes related to glaucoma. Medical marijuana should be legalized in all states in the USA.

Medical marijuana has been proven to be a safe drug, and it does not make sense that it is illegal because of its bad reputation. People abuse the drug, and that is how its reputation has gone bad, but marijuana was not first used for recreational use. In ancient times, marijuana was first used as a medicine in China, and even today, marijuana has its benefits. For example, it helps people with hepatitis c. Marijuana use improves retention and virological outcomes in patients treated for hepatitis c. Marijuana can also cure children with epilepsy or other diseases. Conventional treatments for epilepsy work only 30% of the time, and it is not unreasonable to switch to marijuana. It has cannabidiol, or CBD, which frequently prevents seizures and epilepsy. Finally, marijuana protects people from glaucoma, a condition in the eyes where pressure is higher than usual. This type of high pressure is called intraocular pressure, or IOP. Marijuana reduces this amount of IOP of people with glaucoma, and this results in less serious side effects. 

Legalizing marijuana would probably mean a million to people with problems mentioned in the previous paragraph. People disapprove of marijuana because when someone mentions it, they think of someone smoking and getting high, but they should know that medical marijuana should not be smoked. Marijuana can be consumed in different ways, like in the form of cookies, candies, injected into the bloodstream, etc. This way, medical marijuana can be given to anyone, possibly saving their lives. Also, the fact that marijuana can cure so many diseases such as glaucoma, epilepsy, and hepatitis c, makes it safe to say that marijuana is definitely a helpful drug. Finally, marijuana is a good stress reliever for people with issues relating to it, and they can be helped greatly. Marijuana may not be the safest drug, but its tremendous usefulness makes up for it.  

Medical marijuana is only legalized in some states, but it should be all of them. It is a shame how even though its medicinal value is great, it is still getting people arrested. Medical marijuana should be legalized in all states in the USA. It can cure people with glaucoma, epilepsy, hepatitis c, and reduce nausea. Mr. or Mrs. Future President, make medical marijuana legal in the entire USA, and that could possibly be saving thousands of lives. 



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