Andrue S. Michigan

Medical Marijuana

There is a problem in America involving medical marijuana and it needs to be fixed.

I think medical Marijuana should be legal.The reason for this is it cures illnesses. If it is done right, it will help people with illnesses and injuries.This has been something that has been debated for years.Some people say it would be a bad idea to make marijuana legal because it could possibly make marijuana easier to get for people's addictions. But, again, if it is done right, that will not happen, because you would need to have a background check to buy marijuana and you would need to show a medical card.

One reason that I think that we should legalize medical marijuana is that It can cure and help illnesses. 723 illnesses and diseases can be cured or helped with the use of thc. Medical thc can cure up to 223 diseases. This “drug” can also help with pain that is caused by permanent injuries.

This changing of the law will also help the economy in a good way, too. 4.8 million dollars come in just from licenses and permits every year. That is not counting the 53 million dollars that comes in from the actual purchases of marijuana.

Next President, there has never been a death recorded from the overdose of thc, and the law about medical marijuana needs to be changed.


 Andrue S.

8th Grade

Evart Middle School  

Evart, MI

Evart Middle School

5th Block

8th Grade Language Arts

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