Regan Montana

Legalization Of Marijuana

legalization of marijuana

Regan H

Grade 9

Billings, MT

October 19, 2016

Dear Future President,

A problem in our society is marijuana being illegal. 88,000 people die yearly from drinking alcohol and 480,000 die yearly smoking cigarettes. Then there is marijuana, no one has ever overdosed on cannabis. Also it has many health benefits and can help sick people get better.

Many people are under the misconception the cannabis is a “life ruining” drug. If you smoke weed they look down on you, consider you less intelligent, successful and important then they see themselves. Yet they drink daily and smoke cigarettes, but my bad that’s not the same thing “weed is different, it is worse”. Well is it really worse? Cannabis is used in hospitals to help heal people. So they legalize cancer, and poison but are having difficulties legalizing medical marijuana?

On the other hand marijuana can be harmful to brain development if used underage. If cannabis is legalized, you should have to be 21 to use it. The same law as with alcohol. The only problem with cannabis is that it can lower your IQ if used underage. As long as the age limit is set appropriately, so that the brain is developed there really is no issue with legalizing marijuana.

To help change this there needs to be a change in the law. I believe if the president understood this, the United States would be better off. I am begging you, for the sake of generations to come please help change these laws. Legalize cannabis, by doing this you will help reduce the deaths due to alcohol and cigarettes. Many people will use marijuana instead. Also it can help many people get better.

I am all about peace and for love of my country. I believe legalizing cannabis would reduce the amount of alcoholics and addicts in our country. Marijuana does not make you violent unlike alcohol can also it isn’t addictive. Illegality of weed is also causing death and violence, more specifically gang violence and drug wars. With all of this being said I hope you consider legalizing cannabis to increase peace throughout our country.


Regan H

Billings Public Library

TB - Billings, MT

TB - Billings, MT

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