Tina A. California

Student debts and healthcare

How to fix student loans and make sure everyone gets healthcare

 Dear future president, 

My name is Tina, I am a senior in high school. I am writing to you because I will leave that you can make the change during your term.  There are many topics that mattered to me but for now let's talk about student loans and healthcare.  Student loans are really big issue and a lot of people after graduating college are in debt.  What we can do about that is raise the taxes so that the government can pay for college and make college cheaper and/or free.  Also if  1%  paid their taxes towards student loans and we cut of a little of the money for the military and roads.  We could possibly have enough money to pay for all of these things.  This is really important because without people going to college we won't have these scientist, engineers, doctors and we need to make school affordable for everyone so we can have more of these people in this country.  My other topic that I wanted to discuss with you with health care. Healthcare is something that everyone needs and should almost be mandatory.  Without healthcare we have to pay for my own pockets when were in medical emergency and that's a little expensive for most of us.  What we can do to help everyone get healthcare is to cut down unnecessary things that we pay taxes for in the government.  And raise money for the people who can't afford healthcare.  Everyone's lives matter and we should all help each other.  It all goes back to working together in paying our taxes for the right reasons. Thank you for your time and I hope  you will consider these changes.


Tina Afshari