Sean Y. California

Black Lives Matter

Dear next president, the african-american race receives unfair punishments and racism today, it is causing many protests and even violent demonstrations. Let our country be one of peace within, and strength together.

 Dear future president,

I am writing due to the concern of Crime and Justice and how it is at times, unfair to the African-American people, this has led up to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. It is a very unfortunate but true reality that African-American people still receive racism throughout our country. Many African-Americans receive worse punishment than those of a white man, even if they committed the same of crime. If I had the responsibility you had, I would propose a solution, such as having mandatory body cameras on police officers around the country. If they are accused of being unfair to certain people, we can review the footage as evidence.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement has spread all across the USA, there are so many protests all over the place and very occasionally, some deaths. All lives matter, I agree, but the african american race is facing racial inequality currently. They are living in a country in which they may not receive reasonable consequences for the actions they commit. For example, CD vendor, Alton Sterling was fatally shot on July 5, 2016 outside a store by Baton Rouge policemen. The store owner stated that Alton Sterling was not the one causing trouble when the police came. The store owner also stated that Sterling started carrying a firearm because cd vendors had been robbed recently. As the police assumed that Sterling had been causing trouble they wrestled him to the ground. His firearm fell out of his waistband and they shot him multiple times. He was carrying a firearm as self-defense, but due to bad assumptions he was the victim. Yes, he was carrying a firearm, which is illegal but he was yet another victim of the racism towards black people.

It is depressing seeing the amount of racism today, even just as “friendly” jokes, slurs are said, relationships crumble, and feelings are hurt. Although peaceful protests have been held, violent demonstrations have as well. Due to all of this racism towards african americans, violence has occurred on both sides. The protests are getting worse and our country more messy. Professional athletes have taken a stance as well, Colin Kaepernick having a significant effect. He decided to kneel during the national anthem to show his disapproval for the racism across america. His effect has had ripple effects across sports and the USA.

I pray that our next president will help clean up this messy version of america, and help us love each other as individuals not by skin color. Let the stereotypes be forgotten, and love take it’s place.  

Bernal Intermediate

The Freshest Class

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