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The Importance of Education

The reason why students should try and learn the most they can in school

          Education you learn in school and outside of school is helpful almost all around the world to solve life problems. Education is helpful to students across the world, education is helpful because when the students grow up they will need the knowledge to get a job to make money, also the students may also need the education for challenges in the future.

          When students grow older they will need the knowledge to get a job and make money because if the students don’t have the knowledge they will not make money and not be successful. The students will need these seven skills they learn in school for a successful future which are critical thinking and problem-solving collaboration across networks and leading by influence, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurialism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analyzing information, and curiosity and imagination. However if they do not have these skills they will not now the new technology and not work well in teams. So the students must learn the most they can in school.

          The students will need education for challenges in the future, because when the students have to pay for a lunch or any meal they have to learn how much money they have to pay. Today in the U.S most Americans are too late for career because they did not learn enough in school. Some people do not learn enough in school so they do not pass classes or just get kicked out of school, so when the students grows up they need to pay a bill and they can’t get the right amount of money to pay the worker. The person will just be struggling almost everywhere that is why the students that have bad grades should go and practice with a teacher or have a tutor.

          If students have bad grades however they are less likely to succeed in life because, most jobs and people are looking at the students with A’s in their classes says. When the students don’t have good grades they are not payed any attention to at all they are just a tree in a forest which is nothing special to them. They will not be looked at by any jobs because they have very bad grades and not smart, so no one cares unless the students has good grades so the should try and learn a lot.

          If the U.S does not do anything about the world it would not get better and we will have the same technology, the United States will just be an average state. When students are going to school and the students are not paying any attention they are not going to succeed. If we have the future (Students) of America are not being creative now how is America's future going to look?


Adam D.

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Employability Skills - Skills You Need for a Job

Employable Skills: Skills You need for a job