Jake H. Georgia

My plea for help: outsourcing is killing America

The is a big problem in the US, and only you can help us.

Dear Future President,

We are all told that college is necessary to have a good job when you grow up, but what happens when there aren’t enough jobs for those people? I don’t want to in my work and go through college just to have mountain of student debt and no job. We need to bring jobs back to the U.S. We can start by fixing the major outsourcing problem.

Outsourcing can completely destroy a local economy. It can also lead to temporary unemployment or long term unemployment which is detrimental to the growing middle class. In California alone, 560,000 jobs were lost to outsourcing. This matters to me because I don't want to live in a country that can’t find a way to make it better to employ ourselves rather than foreigners.

You need to stop outsourcing because when people are unemployed they can’t feed themselves, let alone a whole household. Also, when people are in poverty that in turn makes the neighborhoods they live in poor. These places are often referred to as barrios, ghettos, and slums. The poverty in these places goes on due to discrimination, immigration and limited opportunities for moving out of poverty. A lot of the lack of opportunities is caused by outsourcing. Without the jobs available for these people they turn to crime because there are no other options. If you can stop outsourcing and get all those jobs back here to America. It will be a great first step for these impoverished places.

Another reason this is important to me is that my mom is single, and she has to take care of me and my brother. This is worrying to me because the category with the highest number of impoverished people is one-parent families headed by women. We are lucky because my mom was fortunate enough to have a good paying job before my dad passed. But what if were weren’t so fortunate? Like a lot of other single mother families what if she didn't have a good job and couldn’t make ends meet because there wasn’t any kind of job available for her. That's who I’m writing this letter for: all those hard-working single mothers who can’t find a job. Simply because there aren’t enough, and those jobs that are available are not usually given to those single mothers. Even though they desperately need them. That is why I need you to take action and bring back our jobs for the sake of our hard working families.

I see one out of many solutions for this problem (you can take your pick  because you are definitely more versed in economics). You should stop giving tax breaks to companies that leave the U.S. and instead give the breaks to those companies who stay here employing our people. I trust that as president of the United States of America you will make the right decision… Good luck. We are all counting on you.


Jake H 

Creekland Middle School

Ms. Boyle's Class

Ms. Boyle's Class

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