17tchau California

Future Immigration

Immigrants finding a way to move to America, for a better life.

Dear President:

People from across the world has try so many way to bring them-self or their children to the United State for a better future. Immigrant crossing the border for a better life, many cross the border to escape their struggle in their country and wanted protection that they need. In the United State there are many immigrants that need help and refuge. They want help from the government and the attention that they need. Is doesn't matter if they from China, Mexico, Cambodia or North Korea...they all come for the same reason. To find a better solution in life.

I am an immigrant too, three years ago I don’t have these fancy life that I’m living right now. Three years ago I was a boy that live in Vietnam with his father and trying his best to survive the day, we were poor. My only jobs was to study my hardest to become something great in the future, but I soon realized I cannot be success at anything if I still live here. We do have family in the America, and they wanted to help us, so they give us a chance of changing our live, to become success. By supporting us in financial and making us an American citizen, we take every chance we have in life for the future benefit, so giving up our old life and start a new one. It is not easy to live a new life though, everything changes...from language to culture, from school to the people around me, I can't even eat food here. Its was a very rough start for me and my father, eventually we get used to it, and we begin to get to our work, there was no time to waste. Every minute in America, I always learn something, whether is from a book or watching television, I always feel like I learn something. Kid that born here, they are very good at English, and there was a big gap between me and them, so I wanted to close that gap, and speak to them 

However, I was one of the many lucky one out there, I got the opportunity to enter this land of hope and liberty. To study and make myself a successful person in the future, and return the favor to this country by make this country even greater than before. We immigrant like to escape our old life, and do whatever it take to make our future life better, therefore we study and work diligently, we don't like to waste our time because there are no point of wasting it. Although there are many challenges and obstacle we have to face, whether is our language or culture changes, whatever is it we will overcome it, and gladly take it as an opportunity to learn. Parent from all over the world literally sacrifice everything for their kid to live in this country, and hoping just hoping they would have a better life than their. This for me is very emotional, because parent love their children so much that they don't even care about themselves, the only thing they care is their kid future, and they doing their best to let this happens.

America is only a small country compared other, now I'm not saying this because the United State is small in sizes, but I am saying this in the amount of knowledge we have. I think that, if the United State can help the poor immigrant to have an opportunity to learn and have a better life. Can you imagine what will the United State would look like in twenty years? Well, I actually don't know what will be your answer, but in my mind the United States would become much more greater than today.