Jeron G. Kentucky

Dear Future President,

Lowering College tuition

College tuition is way to high,and lowering college tuition will give people more of a chance to pursue their dreams without going into dept.  The pros on lowering the college tuition is that it will give more motivation to those students who want to go and could then afford it.  Redirecting funds could possible create better classrooms and better classroom equipment, which would increase the amount of experience as well as knowledge that students are receiving. Colleges need well-trained staff and faculty to ensure that a student is getting their money's worth, and the administration needs to pay them properly. The cons of lowering college tuition is the government will have to pay more for the colleges and that means the U.S. will go deeper into debt. Lowering college tuition is for the better because the poverty percentage is getting higher and a lot of people can't finish school because they can't afford to continue with their education, therefore they can't achieve the goals and dreams they have set for themselves.  Lowering college tuition should really be considered if the United States wants to become a well-education nation.


Jeron Grevious