Vekaria California


Racism around the lobe becomes worse and worse everyday. It has to stop sooner because if not, it will create conflicts among people and will completely lose trust within one another.

Dear Future President, 

Racism around the globe becomes worse and worse every day, week, month, year, etc. some people argue that it’s okay because it’s natural and happens everyday while others argue that it’s not okay and it needs to stop NOW. I agree with the people that say Racism has to stop NOW because it affects/offends a lot of people in a lot of different ways. Racism had huge mental health impacts on young people who experience it including sadness, anger, depression, headaches, fear, trembling, muscle tension, increased heart rate, and having little or no trust in anybody except family members. These impacts can reduce people’s ability to study or wok and to achieve their future goals. In general it affects people’s well being. Also racism creates a society where people don’t trust and respect each other. “Racism makes me question myself and why things have to be this way… I wondered one day what it would be like to be white and how much better my life would be. That was a low point” (Andrew,19). There are no reasons or excuses for racism. All races are equal and no race in this world should receive more respect than other race. To get rid of racism, everyone must appreciate other of their race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. Having the same thing in this world would make everything boring. Another solution is to accept people the way the way they are. If racism happens around us, we should stand up to it because everywhere we go, we’re all humans, it’s just human nature. One solution is to make racism one of the priorities to help America and treat everyone equally no matter what race you are because as I said earlier, we are ALL human beings. Without the votes, you wouldn’t be a president and to be a president there are a lot of responsibilities and to end bad crisis, you have to listen to the problem to find a solution. I hope we come to an agreement that you take racism as one of your responsibilities to solve around the country.